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Floral Pretties - Past & Present


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I am working on instant BUY NOW BUTTONS for products. I am using a third party service that handles EU VAT (PAYHIP).   This will take a week or two to complete - I have 250 products to edit :O.  I am starting to add the buttons from oldest to newest.  Please note I cannot, at this time, offer multi-product discounts or gift certificates with this service. ( I am told this will be available soon) I still apply all discounts and can apply gift certificates via email orders only. 

You are welcome to go to my Payhip STORE listing to see what products are available as instant downloads:


I am sorry for the inconvenience.  It has come to my attention that the new EU VAT rules will affect how even NON EU sellers can sell to EU buyers.  We are required to collect VAT now for digital downloads and different VAT rates based on EU buyers country.  Until I figure out the new laws and how this applies to Fred She Said Designs( location is CANADA)  I am preventing online sales through the store until further notice.

IF YOU ARE A NON EU BUYER, you may email me your order using email you use for PAYPAL and you must have a registered mailing address that is not a EU country. I AM NOW ACCEPTING EMAIL ORDERS FROM ALL COUNTRIES until further notice. I have had confirmation from UK authority that emailing attachments is VAT exempt but not digital downloads.  Please copy/paste ( with price listed) into your email request and I will create a PayPal invoice for you ( within 24 hrs).  You may also supply an alternate email for your files to be sent to ( eg. gmail is a good choice for large downloads)  Please put ORDER REQUEST in the subject line and please specify what COUNTRY you are in ( for my records).  Thank you for your understanding.

I will do everything in my power to stay up and running.  And I will do everything in my power to find a way to be able to legally sell to EU customers.  Please give me some time to figure all this out.

Thank you,
Tracey Lynn Miller
Fred She Said Designs

Scribbled Rose

Scribbled Rose

Scribbled Rose DIGI ( B&W Outlines ):

- Includes PNGs, JPGs & Ready-To-Print Sheet

Scribbled Rose DIGI SET: ( B&W outlines)
Price: $2.00 CAD

Scribbled Rose Pre-Coloured Set:

- Includes JPGs and JPGs without background in 11 colours.  Also includes ready-to-print sheets.
Due to size, PNGs are available via email request anytime after purchase.

Scribbled Rose Pre-Coloured Set:
Price: $ 4.00 CAD

Cornflowers DIGI & COL

Cornflowers DIGI & COL

-Includes both Digi ( B&W outlines) and Pre-Coloured versions with and without backgrounds in JPG, PNG & ready-to-print sheet.

Cornflowers DIGI & Pre-Coloured:
Price: $ 3.00 CAD

Open Poppy

Open Poppy

Open Poppy DIGI ( B&W Outlines )

-includes Digi ( B&W outlines) in JPG, PNGs & ready-to-print sheet.

Open Poppy DIGI:  ( b&w outlines )
Price: $ 2.00 CAD

Open Poppy Pre-Coloured Set

- Includes JPGs with and without background & ready-to-print sheets.
Due to size, PNGs are available via email request anytime after purchase.

Open Poppy Pre-Coloured Set:
Price: $ 4.00 CAD

Doodled Flower Trio with Butterfly/Flowers

Colour is sample only.  Pre-Coloured versions of this image will be available next week.

Doodled Flower Trio DIGI SET

- Includes JPGs, PNGs, ready-to-print sheets.  There are different images and configurations like you see above.  A whole bunch of options ;)

Doodled Flower Trio DIGI SET:
Price: $ 5.00 CAD

NOTE:  Pre-coloured Doodled Flower Trio with Butterfly  and a separate set of Doodled Flowers with Butterflies Sheets will be available soon.  I apologize for the delay,  If you  took advantage of the End of Summer SALE   and wanted the pre-coloured set of this,   I will honour and figure out a refund/discount on combined items for you when purchasing the precoloured version when it is available.  Just email me after your second order and I will work it out.

Poinsettia & Holly

Poinsettia & Holly Pre-Coloured Set

-includes white and red versions of Poinsettia & Holly ( with warm, cool ( JPG) & no background(PNG)), top and bottom versions of single poinsettias ( JPG PNG), 4 cardfronts and 5 ready-to-print sheets.

Poinsettia & Holly Pre-Coloured Set:
Price: $ 3.50 CAD

Poinsettia & Holly Digi Set (uncoloured)

Includes Poinsettia & Holly image, single top poinsettia, single bottom poinsettia ( JPG & PNG), 2 cardfronts & 2 ready-to-print sheets ( JPG )

Poinsettia & Holly Digi Set (uncoloured):
Price: $ 2.50 CAD

Emma & The Snowball

* Includes both DIGI and Pre-Coloured images.

-includes 3 pre-coloured versions ( JPG ), DIGI ( uncoloured ) version ( JPG, PNGs), & ready-to-print SHEETS.

Emma & The Snowball DIGI COL
Price: $ 3.25 CAD


MTC/Silhouette Studio/GSD/DXF/SVG/V-PDF/PNG/Printable Outlines.
Sizes are 6"x6" and 8"x11"

 Sample card - uses Leaves Stencil cut from transparency film - green, aqua and metallic gold acrylics were applied with cosmetic sponges.  ( flower is from Growing Together COL SET )

Leaves CUTFILE Stencil & Digi:
Price: $ 1.25 CAD

Pine Trees

Sample card made from COL SET

Pine Trees COL SET

-includes 3 landscapes with snow, 3 landscapes without snow, pine tree  with and wihout snow ( PNG & JPG) and 2 ready-to-print sheets.

Pine Trees COL SET
Price: $3.50 CAD

Pine Trees DIGI SET

 -includes landscape with and without hills, single tree ( PNG & JPG) and ready-to-print sheet.

Pine Trees DIGI SET:  ( uncoloured outlines)
Price: $ 2.00 CAD

Growing Together

Growing Together - Pre-Coloured SET

-includes 33 different flowers ( PNG) a Bee & a Dragonfly, a painted background in landscape and portrait, those 2 background in a soft oval vignette, and 4 ready to print sheets.   If you need the flowers and bugs in JPG, please email me any time after purchase.

Growing Together Pre-Coloured Set:
Price: $5.00 CAD

Growing Together DIGI SET

* images in download DO NOT have drop shadows.

-includes a grouping of flowers, 4 individual flowers, a bee, and a dragonfly ( JPG & PNG) and a ready-to-print sheet.

Growing Together DIGI Set (uncoloured outlines):
Price:  $3.00 CAD