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Floral Pretties - Past & Present


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Get 10% off over $10, 20% off over $20

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Dancing Penguin DIGI & COL

- includes both pre-coloured and uncoloured images ( JPG).  There are also PNGs of penguin without background and wiggle lines.  Ready-to-print sheets included.

Dancing Penguin DIGI & COL:
Price: $ 3.00 CAD

The Old Tractor DIGI & COL

- Includes uncoloured and 4 pre-coloured versions.  There are also alternate cropped images; a closer square cropped and a rectangular A2 cropped image.  Also included 3 ready-to-print sheets.  ALL JPG. 

The Old Tractor DIGI & COL:
Price: $  3.50 CAD

Doodled Flower Trio Cardfront COL SET

This set includes 12 pre-coloured versions of Doodled Flower Trio Digi ( cardfront image ).
-12 pre-coloured JPGs like you see above and on 3 ready-to-print SHEETS in an A2 sized cardfront or in a smaller size for framing.   Sorry no PNGs.

**Another set with pre-coloured flowers, leaves & butterflies suitable for cutting out are in THIS POST.

Doodled Flower Trio Cardfront Pre-Coloured SET:
Price: $4.50 CAD

Doodled Flowers & Butterflies SINGLES COL SET

This set includes pre-coloured flowers, leaves & butterflies from the Doodled Flower Trio DIGI ( NOT cardfront image)

There are 36 images in all ( in JPG & PNG) and 9 ready-to-print JPG SHEETS like you see above.  These are suitable for cutting out an assembling on your papercraft projects.

**There is a pre-coloured SET of the Doodled Flower Trio with Butterfly cardfronts on THIS POST.

Doodled Flowers & Butterflies SINGLES Pre-Coloured SET:
Price: $6.00 CAD

SwallowTail Charcoal Outline FANTASY COL SET

-includes 18 pre-coloured SwallowTail butterflies in "Fantasy" colours :)  ( JPG & PNG )
- also includes 2 sky background cardfronts ( A2 and Square ) and ready-to-print SHEETS of everything sized to fit with backgrounds. 

**There are alternate versions of this image at links below:
SwallowTail DIGI & COL ( 2 B&W + one real life pre-coloured)
SwallowTail ORIGINAL FANTASY COL SET ( 12 colours)
SwallotTail CUTFILE

 SwallowTail Charcoal Outline FANTASY Pre-Coloured SET:
Price: $ 4.50 CAD


-includes 12 pre-coloured butterfly images in "Fantasy" colours :)  Also included sky background cardfront in A2 and square formats.  There are 3 ready-to-print sheets and cardfronts sheet and butterflies sheets are sized to fit with each other.  All images are also in JPG and PNG.  Click image above to see butterflies in more detail :)

**There are more versions of this set. See links below:
SwallowTail Digi & COL
SwallowTail Charcoal Outline FANTASY COL SET
SwallowTail CUTFILE

SwallowTail ORIGINAL FANTASY Pre-Coloured Set:
Price: $ 4.50 CAD

SwallowTail Butterfly CUTFILE

-includes SVG, MTC, Vector PDF, DXF, GSD, Silhouette Studio and a PNG shape to autotrace from.

Stay tuned for tutorials on making beautiful butterflies with this cutting file, including how to make your own embossing plate!

SwallowTail Butterfy CUTFILE:
Price: $ 1.00 CAD

SwallowTail Butterfly DIGI & COL

-includes B&W swallowtail butterfly, a Pre-Coloured version, and a B&W "charcoal sketched" version.  There are 2 pre-coloured CARDFRONT versions as well - an A2 and a square cardfront.  JPG & PNG.

-includes 5 ready-to-print JPG SHEETS.

** There are also alternate versions of this image found at links below:
SwallowTail FANTASY ORIGINAL Pre-Coloured Set
SwallowTail FANTASY Charcoal Outline Pre-Coloured Set 
SwallowTail CUTFILE

SwallowTail Butterfly DIGI & COL:
Price: $3.00 CAD

Scribbled Rose

Scribbled Rose

Scribbled Rose DIGI ( B&W Outlines ):

- Includes PNGs, JPGs & Ready-To-Print Sheet

Scribbled Rose DIGI SET: ( B&W outlines)
Price: $2.00 CAD

Scribbled Rose Pre-Coloured Set:

- Includes JPGs and JPGs without background in 11 colours.  Also includes ready-to-print sheets.
Due to size, PNGs are available via email request anytime after purchase.

Scribbled Rose Pre-Coloured Set:
Price: $ 4.00 CAD